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Field Groups

Field groups are a chance for you to fellowship with other Believers on Track in person. 

As great as technology is, there's nothing like a holy kiss or hug from a vessel of the Holy Ghost! (2 Cor 13:12).

These small groups take place quarterly and are organised by field group leaders.


Field groups:

- Hold each other accountable -

- Pray with one another -

- Have fun together -

- Forgive one another -

- Eat together -

- Share one another's burdens -

- Encourage each other in the word -

- Rejoice with each other -

- Love on each other -

- Do life together -


Track and Field is a unique community, with unique pressures and experiences. If you've desired godly, Christ-centred friendships within the sport, then join a field group today! 

No field group in your area? 

Then start one.



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