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The Great Commission is at the heart of our mission here at Believers on Track. Jesus commanded us to go and teach all nations to obey all He has commanded us. In other words, He commanded us to MAKE DISCIPLES! 

We believe that the Lord is not only asking for geographical nations but that He wants social nations too. Here at Believers on Track, we have a mandate to teach the athletics nation to obey the King. Gone are the days where we can have one foot in and one foot out. It's time to choose a side and to be set on fire for the King and His cause. 

We believe every believer in track and field has a greater assignment then simply to perform well on the track. We are His Kingdom ambassadors; therefore, everything we do, we do #ForAnEternalPrize!


"All athletes are disciplined in their training. They do it to win a prize that will fade away, but we do it for an eternal prize."

(1 Corinthians 9:25)


Our Resolution



Founder & Overseer, Torema Thompson

In 2006, 16 years old and newly saved, Torema was given a vision from the Lord where she saw athletes coming together in some sort of organised small groups, growing as disciples in Christ and being accountable to one another in love. That vision never left her heart and in 2008 the Lord told her that He would use her athletics as a platform of influence. 


Armed now with a vision and a promise, Torema quickly threw herself into Track & Field, tasting success as a junior & u23 both nationally and at European level. However, despite her regular appearance for GB, she never quite attained to the level she felt capable of, and the Lord used a consistent run of injuries to bring her focus back to Him and remind her of His bigger purpose. 


In 2013, having been disobedient to the Lord's instruction for her to "wait" on Him the year before, Torema repented and decided to do exactly as the Lord asked. In her waiting, He told her to take a year out of the sport, this turned into 2 years and Torema honestly thought she would never step foot on a track again. It was only when the Father sent her back to athletics in 2015, that she realised He had only been testing her love for Him (obedience). Which one did she love more: the gift or the Giver? Whose will did she really desire to fulfil: His or her own?  


Returning to athletics in October 2015, the God-given vision of her heart was rekindled, and in January 2016 Believers on Track was birthed. Nevertheless, the Lord's appointed time had still not arrived and Torema had to continue to "wait" but this time in a more public place of what looked like "failure" (yet, in reality, it was the Lord's predestined place of apprenticeship for her). 


Now in 2022, Torema continues to look to the Lord, placing one foot in front of the other as He leads; for it is only by His Spirit that this vision will be fulfilled.